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Graafinen suunnittelu & kuvitus

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Grafisk design och illustrationer

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Graphic design, art and illustrations. Aesthetical and ethical design. Grafisk design och illustrationer. Estetisk och etisk design. Graafinen suunnittelu ja kuvitus. Esteettinen ja eettinen design.
Ertru02/11/2018 @ 16:29
Various logos.

Olika logon.

Eri logoja.
Ertru19/09/2018 @ 23:09
Fill-In poster for bluegrass band Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers, A3, 2018.

Fyll-i affisch för bluegrassbandet Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers, A3, 2018.

Täytettävä juliste bluegrassbändille Jussi Syren & The Groundbreakers, A3, 2018.
Ertru30/08/2018 @ 20:40
Konstrundan 2018, print & web and illustration.

Konstrundan 2018, tryck & webbmaterial samt illustration.

Konstrundan 2018, paino-, ja verkkotuotteet sekä kuvitus.

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Ertru29/08/2018 @ 16:34
Webflyer/poster for Poetry Nights in Ekenäs event, various sizes. 2018.

Webbflyer/affisch för Poetry Nights in Ekenäs evenemang, flera storlekar. 2018.

Verkkojuliste Poetry Nights in Ekenäs tapahtumalle. Eri kokoja. 2018


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Ertru20/07/2018 @ 14:05
Various posters.

Olika affischer.

Eri julisteita.
Ertru22/06/2018 @ 16:43
The midst of summer, soon dark is to come again!
We've had less rain this summer than in manymanymany years here in Finland, hence is this summer-wreath I doodled is also a tad dried out 😊

Celebrate safely everyone, both the climax of light 💛 and the return to dark 🖤

(And I'm a little less active now on social media as I have my hands full of work, but updates about them will come soon 😃 so many fun projects in the past six-ish months!!!)

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